Welcome to Cherryfield (Croydon) Ltd

Cherryfield (Croydon) Ltd is a privately owned pork cutting plant which is a family run company originally established in 1956. It also has a sister company based in Liverpool, which carries out pork curing operations.

The plant, which covers 22,000 square feet, has been based on its present location since 1979 and site employs approximately 60 staff within production.

We are one of the largest full throughput stand-alone pork cutting plants in England, which employs full HACCP principles in the manufacture of all its products.

Finished products consist of various cuts of pork (primal/boneless), Ranging from a Whole Pig to the offal. The company also has a separate curing operation on this site to produce Gammons and various other cured products.

Raw materials are received mainly as fresh whole carcasses of pork with a small amount of frozen raw material. Carcasses are purchased from various different suppliers including

  • QAP (British Quality Assured Pork)
  • Cherryorchard Free Range
  • Blythburgh Free Range  
  • Red Tractor
  • Freedom Foods
  • Out Door Reared
  • Belgian Welfare Pork
  • Dutch Welfare Pork

Preservation and packaging relies on a combination of chilling or freezing and gas flushing or vacuum packing.

We distribute finished products across the county including Wales and Scotland via its own fleet of vehicles and also use third party hauliers to ensure a continuous chill chain to out wider spread customers.

Finished product is mainly distributed into catering butchers, further manufacturers and wholesalers.

This site’s EC license number is UK 6240 EC and the company is a member of AIMS and British Quality Assured Pork (BQAP).