Company History and Profile

The company was founded by Mr EA Rudham in 1956. Early years were devoted to pig rearing at Mr Rudham’s farm in Effingham. The business grew and by 1965 the farm fattened 2,500 pigs. At this point the company began to diversify into the meat trade, with pigs being delivered to local abattoirs for slaughter and supplied by the company to the wholesale trade.




Having established the company in the wholesale market within a year, the company further expanded by developing a small cutting and packing facility at the farm to supply the public and catering trade with fresh pork. Growth was rapid and by 1974 a larger shop was built with an adjacent factory.





By 1979 the company had expanded beyond the facilities offered by the Effingham farm and the decision was taken to seek more suitable premises which could also offer further expansion possibilities. the present site at Cherry Orchard Road, Croydon was purchased and the existing meat trade depots which carried out there business under the banner of “Cherryfield Meat Market” were taken over and almagimated into the company presently known as “Cherryfield (Croydon) Ltd” while continuing to specialise in fresh and cured pork, extended there range to other meat products.

During 1988 it became clear to the company that the following year would see higher hygiene and quality standards and the requirement to comply with EC legislation. At the same time the meat trade was changing dramatically. The independent retail butchers were losing trade to the supermarkets, meat processing was on the increase and the red meat trade was forecast to have plateaued, having been heavily influenced by Government Statements and changing lifestyles. Concurrent with these changes many competitors, unable to keep pace with the new requirements and investments required were closing down.

The company ideas were progressive and it was therefore decided to combat these legislative and changing market conditions by a total refurbishment of the Cherryfield site into a modern facility, with increased capacity and compliance with, not only forthcoming domestic but European legislation. At the same time the decision was taken to concentrate on the core Pork and Curing business and to dispense with other meat production. Work commenced in December 1990 and the new factory opened for business in July 1991 and now operates to the standard required by the EC legislation.


In 1997 following an increase in high profile customers and throughput the facilities available were not large enough to cope with demand. So the decision was taken to purchase an adjacent plot of land to enable an extension of the plant size which resulted in a new modern Boning and Packaging facility, a larger Despatch Chiller and Cold store to be built which can at present process upto 5,000 Pig Carcasses and 15,000 Gammons per week 

The company’s production facilities now comprise of unloading bay, reception chiller, pork cutting area and packing area, curing areas with additive room box store, despatch chillers for both cured and fresh products with separate despatch bays and  Cold store.


These modern facilities in Croydon of which the company is justly proud of, the company supply cured and fresh pork products to the European wholesale and UK retail markets., which can cut  primals supplied loose or boxed. Any cut can be boned, boxed, gas flushed, jointed or frozen to customer requirements. The company operates its own fleet of refrigerated vehicles to complement the cold chain operation within our factory. These are supplemented by approved refrigerated transport to satisfy peak periods deliveries can be made throughout Europe.



In supplying high profile customers specifications became extensively intricate which required further butchery needed it was decided in November of 1998 to purchase a purpose built factory in Liverpool which would cope with the increasing demands of the curing departments now known as “Whistlers Farm” to elevate the pressure now being asked of the fresh Pork department where Croydon will eventually become a Fresh Pork site only.

In today’s modern welfare friendly society the company decided to comply with customers requirements they would endeavour to enlist onto welfare friendly schemes and now proudly boast to be members of both “Freedom Foods Ltd” and “BQAP” standards.


At the same time in becoming members of these schemes and an increase of customers inspections a decision was taken to employ a technical department which would oversee customer and scheme requirements. The department employed a HACCP system to control the risk towards food safety. With the increasing importance in customer inspections it was decided to have a third party audit of the factory site and quality systems. EFSIS standards were employed which the company is now at a Higher level of the EFSIS standard and currently working towards retaining the Higher level at its next audit.


In total there are 60 staff with many years experience in the meat trade many of whom have been in the company for a long period. The Chairman Mr AJ Rudham with Managing Director Mr MJ Rudham, manage the business and production on daily basis.

The company have many long term customers in the UK and Europe, coupled with the significant investments in the new facilities testifies to the Company’s present and progressive position in the UK market.